Whose next?

I never knew about Flixr before this class, but the possibilities are endless. I believe you could use pictures for a picture book, morning starter, or writing projects. For a morning starter you could show this picture with the title whose next? By posing this question students can infer many things. First, maybe who the next star is in the nba, maybe they’re next, or maybe what happens at their next game and write about it. Students could also find a picture on flixr, and write a story. You could also make it a station. Finally, Flixr could be used to construct a picture book,by picking pictures and putting them all together to make a story. Using pictures helps visual learners,as well as sparks the creative side to have students come up with a story behind the picture. Flixr is a great way to help with creativity.

CC Attribution-NoDerivs license: KC Alabanza (2014, January 13) Basketball Never… KC Alabanza’s Photostream Retrieved April 5, 2014 from : https://flic.kr/p/kqkxbM