What bad technological habit do you have?

Who would have thought that it would all start with an Atari, Nintendo, and now a system you can talk to. Technology is advancing, and fast. We depend it for everything. If email goes down at school, it is like the end of the world. Before I get into my article I would like you to take some time to reflect on this question. When will technology be smarter than us, or is it already? That brings me to my article texting while driving the deaths, injuries, lives ruined over a few words. What a great law, unfortunately it can only be enforced if someone is killed it seems. Next, when holding a real life conversation, and we get a text the world gets put on hold. I’m guilty of this as well. Hang on a second let me just respond to this text, or I just tune the person out. Also, it is pretty easy to tee off on someone on the internet. Break up with someone, make fun of some one, post inappropriate pictures, and ruin reputations. Our children start playing on cell phones, and computers long before we learned, so I guess that means lol, brb, ttyl will be acceptable for their papers in college? Finally, being on time, it seems it is not as big of a deal anymore, because we know most people have their cellular device, or something on them 24 7. What does this mean well hey just shoot them a text, tweet, snapchat, facebook message that you are going to be late. Trust me I use this technology, and understand the benefits of it, and what it means to our profession. Let me pose another question What if technology is only as good as our morals? Let us face it our morals are not what our country is really known for right now. Watch the evening news murders, kidnappings, school shootings, 9/11, and much, much more. One could argue that Jim could program, and create a robot smarter than most of us in this class. Now I am not completely insane, but what if robots start being made by Microsoft? Are they smarter than us? Will this ever happen? I bet my 101 great grandmother wouldn’t have thought she would live long enough to see the day that you can Skype someone from Pennsylvania to Afganistan. We are walking a very thin line, I’m just wondering when the line becomes to thin