I think we are already there in education. One could argue that online classes, and cyber school already meet the criteria. However, this is many, many years down the road that I foresee this happening in a k-12 classroom. It is already starting slowly with the technology we discussed in this class, and pros and cons. I do not feel that teachers will ever be completely phased out, but our role will not be as important as technology. Our role will shift from the lecturer to master of technology, and if you are not, goodbye job. As far as the students go what a way to peak interest, and engage students throughout the 7 hour day. I see in the very near future students watching video clips, assignments being put on the web, and the teacher being there to explain. Standarized tests will be online, which is horrible, because they will click until they finish as quick as possible. I would measure it by like pls classes does, or cyber school. How many times a student signs on, responding to posts, reading the assignments/articles, forum posts, participation, and tests/quizzes. I feel it would take a lot more time. Until you go through everything every night for each student, no more waiting until the last minute to grade. I don’t know when, but eventually the first day of school will have laptops on the students desk, and cameras on top. As the teacher stands up, and says The future is here, now let me show you how we sign in.