It is hard to believe that 2020 is only 6 years away. Before this class I had no idea of the endless possibility of technology and education. I knew about facebooking, twitter, my space, and instagram. I knew most of these were dangerous for educational purposes, and I still do to some extent. Most of these students know how to use, but they are not used for educational needs. On top of this a teacher was recently reprimanded for using facebook with her students. Podcasts I use now for messages to my parents, and students. I really enjoy doing it, and it really  keeps parents/guardians in the loop. I learned about blogs, and what a great way for students, parents, administration, and colleagues to post on any topic. However, in 2020 I think blogs will become extinct. I do feel that live feeds will be sent from the classroom the homes everywhere. This will prevent walkthroughs for administration, and also observations. I would expect teachers to really be on guard. If it is tense with PSSA’s wait until your every word, and move is seen on the website for your school district. I honestly believe that a lot of machines will be used in the future. I feel that you will be able to program printers to copy things without hitting print on the computer. Skype will still be around, probably just updated. However, parent conferences, and contact will be through Skype. If you think face to face communication is gone now wait until 2020. I do not believe we will have email anymore. Just like IM went to email, I feel that email will advance into something more technical. I believe that cyber schools will take over the majority of the classroom, because of all the advanced technology. Also, I do not think teachers will be strictly teachers, but will have to have an undergrad in technology. Six years doesn’t seem like a long time, and I am sure it will. However, I see a lot of changes in education, no more text books, no more handouts, everything will be done online. The benefits may out weigh the negatives, but think of the dangers we have now, they do not seem to be getting better. I am afraid with everything done online we will be living in a world where you could lose everything in a click of a button. I just hope the makers of the technology understand out wit the hackers. Look out education, and world the future is coming whether you like it, or not.