3-D-2 (B)

I really feel that bookmarking is user friendly, and although teachers will be hesitant at first, I think they will come to accept it. Especially if the district trains their faculty properly.It will help teachers stay more organized, and better able to help colleagues. You will not have to go searching through a lot of folders, but will have it right there in a bookmark, nicely organized. I feel this will take away from the I can’t find it, and make articles more accessible, ideas for projects, etc.


RSS Feeds, no more folders.

Remember those days of putting all your documents in 50 different folder that your computer is filled with only folders, and you forget where you put that information. Now we have something to do it for us by bookmarking, or filing, all of these things we help keep us organized. I think it will be internet use easier, which makes teaching easier. It will increase lessons, and peak interest of students, because you won’t have hours upon hours of looking for information, it will come to you.

Let me take a second to introduce myself.

My name is Mark Risser, and I’m an educator at the elementary division. My goal is to bring technology to a poverty stricken district. Hopefully with grants, fundraisers, hard work, knowledge, and the right attitude it will happen. At this point in education almost all teachers and educators need it to succeed. Without it were just a voice with a boring text book, students will most likely tune out. With technology you bring a new excitement, keep attention spans longer, entice participation, and try to put everyone on the same level.

There is no such thing as students who are behind.

Technology in the classroom is great for educators, parents, districts, and administration. When I think of students that are behind in class, I think of the multiple intelligences. They may not be necessarily book smart, but I bet they know their way around technology. I feel this brings every student to an almost level playing field. Think of all the technology, programs, the constant changing, and progressing. If technology is introduced, and integrated properly keeping parents in the loop most children will see an improvement with a new passion for learning.